The 24th Missouri is an event driven organization, and our specific expected uniform authenticity guidelines are driven by the rules, regulations and standards for each specific event we attend as a unit. It is the responsibility of each member to meet or exceed those standards.  We stress a positive attitude and an environment which fosters teamwork. EVERY member of the unit is a unique and valued part of the team, and the individual attitude we bring with us into the field is the substance which determines our impressions.

Many different aspects must come together in order to form a superb Civil War impression and it is our goal to portray all empowered to us as accurately as possible.  This entails authenticity at every level – not just camp life, drill, and military bearing, but all clothing and contents of pockets, knapsack, and haversack to a practical level.  

The 24th Missouri strives to portray the true heroes of the Civil War- the common soldiers who made up the great mass of men on both sides. This impression may reflect regional differences in clothing and equipment as it evolved over time during the war. We may also vary this impression to fit different campaigns and battles. 

Even so, it is necessary for the Board of Directors to specify material goals for the unit to strive towards. The all important issue to remember is that this unit is committed to attending the most progressive and authentic events as practical. Often times, individuals must present a minimum level of authenticity in their uniform impression to have access to these events. So while we are not ‘stitch counters,’ we also realize one must possess the gear to get past the gear…  

Having said as much, the Board of the 24th Missouri has compiled an ideal list of detailed uniform standards, which in and of itself will suffice for any scheduled event we attend as a unit. We realize gear is expensive, and admit this to be a dynamic process. However each member should continually gravitate toward achieving the following Union Army infantry uniform and gear impression. A special mention of gratitude goes out to the Hard Head Mess of the Old Northwest Volunteers for their gracious assistance in compiling this list.